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Am I Hot Enough?

About Me
1) Name : Kendra
2) Age : 15
3) Location : Maine
4) Gender : Female
5) Sexuality : Straight
6) Tattoos/piercings (show pics if possible) : I have my ears done, and that's it.
7) Describe your personality : Kind, Bitchy, Open minded, Caring, Understandable
8) Your Likes: Make up, Clothes, Dancing, Running, Making out, Rain, Roses, Wine
9) Your pet peeves : People who turn things around and make it seem like it's your fault, Losers who comment in your livejournal and don't say who they are, and eating too much.
10) List 4 interesting things about you : I run in the darkness, When I cry my tears sting my eyes, I love theatre, and I eat lemons.
11) AIM or ICQ # if you have either : AIM: rosedippedinwine
12) Favorite bands/artists : Panic! at the disco, Evanescence, Missy Elliot, Say Anything, Seether
13) Favorite movies : Thirteen, Halloween, Mean Girls
14) Favorite food : Lemons, Strawberries, Chinese Food
15) Favorite books : Daddys Little Girl, Loves Music Loves to Dance, Chasing Redbird, Weep No More My Lady, Stillwatch, All Around the Town
16) Say something random : I just drank gatorade and now my foots asleep
17) How did you find us? : Searching
19) Amuse us: So one time my grandmother was sitting there and she was talking to me.. and told me a story about how, all the sudden she saw this moving blanket and she was like "well, i thought.. jeez that's odd." than another time, my dad came in screaming there were some people dressed up as leaves running around our yard, so than he put a blue shirt on his head and started climbing up our tree to get them out.

20) At least 3 clear, non-photoshoped pictures of yourself
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

21) Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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