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Am I Hot Enough?

1) Name : Erin
2) Age : 19
3) Location : Orange County
4) Gender : Female
5) Sexuality : Straight
6) Tattoos/piercings (show pics if possible) : none
7) Describe your personality : open-minded, laid back, witty, sarcastic, wild at times
8) Your Likes: all kinds of music, comedy, fashion, family guy, hip kids, not so hip kids, sex and the city &photography
9) Your pet peeves : pleather, racists, close-minded individuals, &panty lines
10) List 4 interesting things about you : i have mild forms of insomnia, ocd, add and a photographic memory; i cant say the word: "synonym"; i can write upside down; i can cook
11) AIM or ICQ # if you have either : koreancabbgeptch
12) Favorite bands/artists : the killers, polyphonic spree, red hot chili peppers, jack johnson, bob marley, tenacious D, the roots, U2, something corporate, the mars volta, death cab for cutie, the juliana theory, harry conick jr., the rat pack, nfg, simple plan, madonna, india aire, john mayer, jason mraz, literally everything...
13) Favorite movies : out cold, zoolander, requim for a dream, equilibrium, frida, moulin rouge, pulp fiction, napolean dynamite, el postino, garden state, finding neverland, peter pan.
14) Favorite food : fruit, veggies, sushi, pasta, chocolate
15) Favorite books : how to be good, about a boy, black and blue, our town
16) Say something random : juvinelle
17) How did you find us? : browsin livejournal due to insomnia
18) promote to one lj user and one community, show proof for both : im__notok ( bannersfor_fo (
19) Amuse us:

20) At least 3 clear, non-photoshoped pictures of yourself.
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21) Post a 150x150 picture of yourself for the members list if you are accepted.
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